Comprehensive Integrated Antibody Optimization

CIAO! Comprehensive Integrated Antibody Optimization

Maximizing Protein Expression for Improved Manufacturing

BioAtla©'s patented Comprehensive Integrated Antibody Optimization (CIAO!) platform integrates features important for manufacturing and process development into the discovery or evolution of proteins including Conditionally Active Biologics.

Antibodies have been increasingly engineered to be more human-like in order to avoid negative immune reactions, e.g. chimeric or humanized antibodies. While these advances have improved antibody safety, they are merely a first step toward integrated therapeutic development.

A molecule's characteristics reflect all inherent and environmental influences such as amino acid sequence, secondary modifications (e.g. glycosylation), and tertiary characteristics such as folding which are affected by the host environment. While the power of evolution is the ability to identify molecules with selected characteristics, the inherent challenge is that the selection process is influenced by the selection environment. As an example, selecting a molecule in bacteria and subsequently expressing it in mammalian cells risks generating molecules that require extra process development costs to adapt to the different host system and poor pK in vivo due to the potential of selecting unnatural secondary and tertiary structures.

The power of BioAtla©'s CIAO! process is that it selects molecules in a manner that mirrors both the body's environment and the host that will be used for final manufacturing of the drug.

We begin by evolving for desirable characteristics and discovering new proteins directly in the manufacturing host of interest, allowing us to select the best molecule or collection of lead candidates for downstream manufacturing.

This approach can also be used to rapidly improve characteristics of a variety of genetic system components such as the host genome, vector system, promoters, reduction of gene deletion and rearrangement events, optimization of host glycosylating enzymes, protein pathways, chromosome host cell mutagenesis and selection and media optimization, to create superior expression solutions.

  • Identify, evolve and manufacture antibody or other protein therapeutic in the same host
  • Mammalian hosts are optimal (they more closely match the body's processes), however any host system (e.g. bacterial or yeast) can be improved by CIAO!
  • Unique to BioAtla - issued patents