Strategic Relationships

BioAtla’s strategy is to advance a large portfolio of CABs in a variety of formats that can be used individually and in combinations to best treat particular cancer indications. We are very selective in our partnerships and ideally will take our drug candidates through clinical proof of concept before partnering. Our relationship with Pfizer provides us with access to high quality ADC technology for our drugs. In addition, the companies are working together to advance a CAB immune checkpoint inhibitor and selected CAB-ADCs into commercial products and markets around the world. Similarly, our partnership with Sinobioway supports a comprehensive strategy to address the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world, China, while providing a continuous source of funding for the development of new drug candidates.

Pfizer and BioAtla® have entered into a license and option agreement to advance the development and commercialization of a new class of antibody therapeutics based on BioAtla®’s CAB platform and utilizing Pfizer’s proprietary antibody drug conjugate (ADC) payloads. CAB-ADC antibodies aim to enable the preferential targeting of tumor tissues by ADCs, thereby increasing the efficacy-safety ratios of CAB-ADCs relative to their conventional counterparts. For more information, check News.