BioAtla is changing the future of medicine and personalized health. We employ our science and proprietary technologies to solve critical protein development challenges and produce novel, IP-protectable products both for our clients and for our proprietary product portfolio.

The culmination of our technological capabilities is our broadly applicable platform of Conditionally Active Biologics or CABs. CAB-designed monoclonal antibodies selectively attach only to their target tumor tissue, leaving healthy cells unharmed. This approach may improve efficacy by allowing high dosing and results in increased potency and sustained treatment at the site of disease CAB technology may be used with proven but non-specific targets, potentially broadening the therapeutic candidate’s use to treat several indications.

Through an exclusive 10-year contract with Beijing-based BioDuro, a PPD company, our scientific staff in San Diego work with a dedicated team of scientists and BioDuro’s full-range of chemical capabilities to efficiently and cost-effectively execute program plans for our clients – biopharmaceutical companies, medical institutions and researchers – and for our internal programs.